Bahia Caráquez .... March ~ April 2002

Pogo in front of Port Captain.jpg (1121505 bytes)
Pogo anchored in front of the Port Captain's building

main anchorage caraquez .jpg (1081005 bytes)
Main Anchorage looking down river
captn_n_pup.jpg (1105108 bytes)
Captain & Pup off to the market
down_town_bahia.JPG (1099835 bytes)
Downtown Bahia 
... long view
the dinghy dock.jpg (1109601 bytes)
The dinghy dock
San Vincente across the river.JPG (1071421 bytes)
San Vincente across the river
Old Municipal Pier.JPG (1110038 bytes)
Old Municipal pier, all tide landing
PotCaptain landing high tide.jpg (1020477 bytes)
Port Captain's landing at high tide
Naval Ferry.JPG (1005146 bytes)
One of two Naval ferry boats to cross river
Puerto Lucia Yacht Club, Libertad .... April ~ July 2002
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The marina
DSCN1430.JPG (1110486 bytes)
DSCN1432.JPG (1132687 bytes)
Good haulout facilities
DSCN1434.JPG (1144341 bytes)
Captain & duty paint pup
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Lots of boats, high season waiting line
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Sunset looking to the west and Salinas
SunSet Salinas.jpg (1093807 bytes)
Guayaquil .... May ~ June 2002
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La Bahia .... 
"Black Market"
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Iguanas in a park. Eat fruit bits sold by vendors
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Road Trip to Interior
 ..... July 2002
DSCN1574.JPG (1154005 bytes)
20 kilometers away
Alto Plano
Mount Chimbrazo (inactive volcano) in South America stands at a height above sea level of 6,310 meters which makes it much shorter than Mount Everest (8,850 meters). However, it is at a latitude of 1.5 degrees south of the equator. Due to the bulging of the earth near the equator, the crest of Mount Chimbrazo is 6,384,458 meters above the center of mass of the earth (i.e. "earth center") while the crest of Mount Everest is only 6,382,266 meters above earth center. Looking at it this way, Mount Chimbrazo is 1.36 miles higher than Mount Everest! We climbed to the upper base camp, at about 5000 meters, located just below the permanent snow line. 
DSCN1582.JPG (1219310 bytes)
6310 meters up
DSCN1533.JPG (1159554 bytes) DSCN1535.JPG (1131124 bytes) DSCN1537.JPG (1188876 bytes) DSCN1542.JPG (1136870 bytes) DSCN1541-1.JPG (66698 bytes)
DSCN1570.JPG (963498 bytes) DSCN1566.JPG (921189 bytes)
The climbing face, traverse from the right to left, the up the glacier
DSCN1553.JPG (1090870 bytes)
Just a little further, the tin roof is the high base camp
DSCN1554.JPG (1003181 bytes)
You make a "Z" traverse from lower left to right, the back to the left and finally up the ridge
DSCN1562.JPG (980906 bytes)
DSCN1557.JPG (985900 bytes)
The approaches


DSCN1563.JPG (1023683 bytes)
High base camp
DSCN1565.JPG (1076832 bytes)
A cool drink of "fresh" glacier water, after breaking off the ice
DSCN1552.JPG (1060195 bytes)
Lower camp and monument to a group of 9 (if I remember correctly) died on top when a freak lightening bolt struck
DSCN1551.JPG (951469 bytes)
DSCN1544.JPG (376469 bytes)
Ground makeup from volcanic action
DSCN1543.JPG (1090535 bytes) DSCN1534.JPG (1079964 bytes)
Alpaca or Lama?
DSCN1548.JPG (1012978 bytes)
Reintroduced guanacos grazing in the alto plano under Chimbrazo altitude about 4500 meters
DSCN1549.JPG (1114398 bytes)
Cajas Park Lake
cajas lake 2.jpg (1174755 bytes) Highest Vehicle Pass in Ecuador runs through the park. Many small lakes are scattered across this park at the top of the world. 
Trout fishing is allowed and we saw several fishermen working the lake with fly rods. 
cajas park lake.jpg (1110960 bytes)
Quenca ... colonial town and market place
DSCN1463.JPG (981687 bytes)
Road up from Quayaquil to Quenca ... over the top
DSCN1464.JPG (1121073 bytes) DSCN1508.JPG (899072 bytes) DSCN1486.JPG (1010182 bytes) DSCN1487a.JPG (1377983 bytes)
DSCN1507.JPG (852646 bytes) DSCN1482a.JPG (1677721 bytes) quenca church.jpg (1046397 bytes) gran hotel 2a.jpg (1766586 bytes)
Gran Hotel courtyard and restaurant 
DSCN1505.JPG (1063367 bytes)
The Gran Hotel, center of town, great digs, cheap price, and they let our dog stay. Parking is in a private parking lot ... you pay, but cheap
DSCN1513.JPG (1002964 bytes)
Quenca Police
DSCN1504.JPG (1021973 bytes) DSCN1512.JPG (905149 bytes)
Tourist taking in the views
DSCN1510.JPG (1014115 bytes) DSCN1488.JPG (1060219 bytes)
Missionary singing gospel, learning the language, and having a great time
Quenca Markets ... tourist market and fresh produce market
DSCN1483.JPG (1177066 bytes)
No smile here..
camera shy
DSCN1485.JPG (1095427 bytes) DSCN1484.JPG (1054958 bytes) quenca market2.jpg (1051760 bytes) DSCN1491.JPG (1024642 bytes)
DSCN1495.JPG (978053 bytes) DSCN1492.JPG (998207 bytes) DSCN1493.JPG (961397 bytes) DSCN1494.JPG (968983 bytes) DSCN1501.JPG (965437 bytes)
DSCN1499.JPG (891007 bytes) DSCN1502.JPG (878883 bytes) quenca market10.jpg (890765 bytes) DSCN1503.JPG (879734 bytes) DSCN1500.JPG (888266 bytes)
DSCN1498.JPG (908819 bytes) DSCN1496.JPG (1019685 bytes) quenca flower vendors.jpg (1105442 bytes) quenca market.jpg (1063612 bytes) DSCN1497.JPG (886510 bytes)
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quenca market8.jpg (909568 bytes) quenca market9.jpg (905253 bytes)
Some Road Views ... 
DSCN1514.JPG (1057331 bytes) DSCN1515.JPG (1062386 bytes) Road from Quenca to Mendez in the Oriente. We did not complete the travel down this road to Mendez we were turned around by nature. 15 minutes ahead of us 1.5km of road slid down the side of the mountain. 40 persons were killed. Land travel in Ecuador is an adventure. DSCN1517a.JPG (218312 bytes) DSCN1516.JPG (1110887 bytes)
DSCN1518.JPG (1089806 bytes) DSCN1519.JPG (1116410 bytes) DSCN1520.JPG (1113540 bytes) DSCN1522.JPG (1279020 bytes) DSCN1524.JPG (1130078 bytes)
DSCN1525.JPG (1063712 bytes) Along the road from Quenca to Rio Bomba. Great driving and scenery. The Captain and the Tootsie Pup pause for a "sniff" Sarah & Tootsie.jpg (1021333 bytes)
Rio Bomba - Quenca Tourist Train .... Starting on the up grade
DSCN1526.JPG (1059576 bytes) DSCN1527.JPG (948132 bytes) DSCN1528.JPG (844175 bytes) DSCN1529.JPG (920291 bytes) DSCN1530.JPG (984936 bytes)
DSCN1531.JPG (899378 bytes) DSCN1532.JPG (905494 bytes) It thought it could ...
 and it did!
The Galapagos, Villamil Island .... July/Aug 2002
We visited in the off season, which is a good time to sail from Salinas to Galapagos, after the weather change. 
Typically cold and misty, with occasional rain 
Horse backing to the Black Volcano ..... almost 7 km across the crater.
DSCN1705.JPG (1121840 bytes)
1st time on a horse, MsPilot shows she can pilot anything
DSCN1711.JPG (386299 bytes) DSCN1708.JPG (383063 bytes)
This is the crater ... wow!
This is a panoramic 
DSCN1709.JPG (403157 bytes) DSCN1710.JPG (381108 bytes)
DSCN1707.JPG (413121 bytes) DSCN1713.JPG (364957 bytes)
Galloping on the edge
DSCN1717.JPG (366457 bytes)
Looking up island to 2 more big craters
DSCN1721.JPG (985590 bytes)
Getting ready to descend into an active crater
DSCN1724a.JPG (1072272 bytes)
DSCN1726.JPG (990843 bytes)
Sulphur bleeds
DSCN1727a.JPG (1898414 bytes) DSCN1729.JPG (1065424 bytes)
The crater
The island has an indigenous flamingo population that lives in shallow tidal estuaries in the lowlands of Villamil DSCN1620.JPG (1032908 bytes)
DSCN1636.JPG (1078768 bytes) DSCN1621.JPG (882170 bytes) DSCN1638.JPG (1046530 bytes) DSCN1634.JPG (1106551 bytes) DSCN1620.JPG (1032908 bytes)
Villamil has a large population of marine iguanas and other lizards DSCN1623.JPG (1013814 bytes) DSCN1653.JPG (1048738 bytes) DSCN1667.JPG (1179338 bytes) DSCN1654.JPG (1016455 bytes)
DSCN1668.JPG (1124610 bytes) DSCN1649.JPG (1128177 bytes) DSCN1648.JPG (1154424 bytes) DSCN1685.JPG (1171884 bytes) DSCN1687.JPG (1169032 bytes)
DSCN1688.JPG (1085168 bytes) Birds and other strange things DSCN1672.JPG (1125596 bytes) DSCN1689.JPG (1081710 bytes) DSCN1690.JPG (904767 bytes)
DSCN1647.JPG (1156091 bytes) DSCN1700.JPG (991376 bytes) DSCN1695.JPG (1087474 bytes) DSCN1691.JPG (1104953 bytes) DSCN1639.JPG (1114049 bytes)
The famous Galapagos tortoise ... and the Villamil hatchery. The round thing without the glasses is an egg DSCN1600.JPG (1131293 bytes) DSCN1601.JPG (1108782 bytes) DSCN1602.JPG (1062629 bytes) DSCN1603.JPG (1081428 bytes)
DSCN1605.JPG (1100085 bytes) DSCN1608.JPG (1054035 bytes) DSCN1609.JPG (1044448 bytes) DSCN1610.JPG (1086459 bytes) DSCN1611.JPG (890230 bytes)
DSCN1614.JPG (1127093 bytes) DSCN1615.JPG (1151535 bytes) DSCN1617.JPG (1123640 bytes)
Signing the guest log. Christian the Villamil Port Captain on the left
DSCN1613.JPG (1065060 bytes)
Getting a little:)
DSCN1618.JPG (1110380 bytes)
The Captain and the biologist
Villamil, the anchorage and other scenes DSCN1596.JPG (1173441 bytes) DSCN1597.JPG (1103777 bytes) DSCN1598.JPG (1052378 bytes) DSCN1599.JPG (1264047 bytes)
Inter-island tour boat
DSCN1627.JPG (1265140 bytes)
Inter-island tour boat
DSCN1704.JPG (1349653 bytes) DSCN1732.JPG (1139224 bytes)
Island supply boat
Villamil fuel lighter.JPG (1011659 bytes)
Lightering fuel to the island
Walking trail just outside of the village. Takes a couple of hours and is some distance, finally ends up by the "Wall of Tears" built by prisoners when Villamil was a penal colony
DSCN1644.JPG (1064834 bytes) DSCN1640.JPG (1202668 bytes) DSCN1643.JPG (1200784 bytes) DSCN1646.JPG (1018009 bytes) DSCN1645.JPG (1081335 bytes)
DSCN1650.JPG (1109810 bytes) DSCN1658.JPG (1052824 bytes)
Trail passes village cemetery 
DSCN1660.JPG (1034721 bytes) DSCN1625.JPG (1133756 bytes) DSCN1663.JPG (1107964 bytes)
Many lava flow tunnels
DSCN1665.JPG (1026981 bytes) DSCN1669.JPG (1235553 bytes)
South end of Villamil
DSCN1670.JPG (1094223 bytes) DSCN1673.JPG (992121 bytes)
Wall of Tears
DSCN1674.JPG (1122526 bytes)
DSCN1677.JPG (1068120 bytes) DSCN1682.JPG (1070672 bytes) DSCN1683.JPG (1092859 bytes)
Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.


Ports of Call