Cartagena June ~ August, 2001
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Great 10 cent ice cream. The machine is pure Rube Goldberg ... neat. Gas motor, Tecumseh compressor and freezer drum DSCN1169.JPG (973603 bytes) DSCN1168a.JPG (183229 bytes) DSCN1167a.JPG (183653 bytes)
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Old fortifications around Club de Yates y Pesca.
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Looking from Yates y Pesca to Club Nautico
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Club Yates y Pesca in old fort
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Old port and customs house
Isla Providencia, August .... Nice quiet island
Looking around the harbor
Pogo anchored out
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Nice beaches DSCN1205.JPG (1042252 bytes) DSCN1195.JPG (929822 bytes) DSCN1196.JPG (1172526 bytes) DSCN1219.JPG (1074505 bytes)
Boat racing a serious activity. Boats can only go upwind, will roll under down wind. Some sandbag ballast, but mostly movable crew DSCN1198.JPG (944016 bytes) DSCN1199.JPG (960419 bytes) DSCN1200.JPG (957644 bytes) DSCN1202.JPG (1043183 bytes)
DSCN1203.JPG (1074520 bytes) DSCN1204.JPG (1111380 bytes) The race course is on the weather side of the island, to windward, and through the reefs. Match racing at its best
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Getting cold beer and hot bets
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Setting up the boats
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Ready for the start
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They are off
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and away
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Make the headland
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1st Around ... cars race up the coastal road to stay with the boats
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In the shallows & in the deep .... who is right?
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And the winner ... the fastest boat, silly:)
Hike to the highest hill on Providencia ... and a look around DSCN1210.JPG (980036 bytes) DSCN1213.JPG (1055922 bytes) DSCN1211.JPG (1102386 bytes) DSCN1212.JPG (1062406 bytes)
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Village resevoir
Horse racing another serious activity on the beach DSCN1221.JPG (1081394 bytes) DSCN1222.JPG (1008689 bytes)
Soon Com Mon
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The winner
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 Cayos Alburquerque, September .... Great Diving
 Colombian Marines Landing Craft.JPG (1047640 bytes) Colombian Marine detachment drops by for a visit and afternoon exercise  Dinner.JPG (990677 bytes)  Small Lobsters.JPG (790370 bytes) Nice dive .... nice dinner! Fishing on the atoll is restricted to local divers using traditional methods ... no tanks, gill nets, etc.  
Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.


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