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July 16, 2002

Greetings from the former owner of hull #66, formerly named L'Artichaut (now named Tofalau?). I am anxious to know if our old friend is still sea-worthy. The last I heard was that she had sustained some damage from Cyclone Isaac in 1982. Thanks for your help! And if anyone would like my comments from having lived aboard in the Caribbean with my wife and 2 kids (14 & 16), feel free to write at

July 08, 2002

Maximum 1000

July 08, 2002

Hi. I am Sidney Patin. I got your site from Grandma Rosalie. I am doing some research on CSY-44 as a possible purchase for a liveaboard boat for myself and my wife once we retire from my present job. That will be in about two years. Is POGO a shoal draft or a deep draft? Do you find that it makes any big difference one way or another in your travels in POGO? You have an interesting site with good pictures. I could not find a section with the details of your boat (i.e. draft) or what modifications you have made to her. That would be a good addition to your site for those of use who are just seeing your site for the first time. Hope you are having a good time. Sidney L. Patin, Colorado Springs, CO USA

9:07:36 PM

Craig, I lost your email address when my last computer died. I saw your offer to make copies of the CSY drawings and I would like a set. The following is my contact information: Tom Service S/V Jean Marie PO Box 3311 St.Petersburg, FL 33731 (727) 823-2169 boat (727) 898-8231 apartment email FYI, Mark Schmitt (N.A.Peter Schmitt's son) lives in Tampa, and he is in contact with his Dad (usually in the Bay Islands of Honduras). Mark's telephone number is (813) 258-2788: he sails on his merchant license, so he may not be home. Thanks for your efforts on the CSY drawings. Please let me know how much they cost, and what address to send a check to. :-) Tom Service - S/V Jean Marie WO hull #55

9:26:05 PM

Craig & Sarah - Your input these past few months on the CSY list has been greatly appreciated ... we'll miss it now tht you guys are "out there doing it"! Hope to run into you (no, not literally) in the not too distant future. BTW, we like the appearance of your "sugar scoop" very much, tho making such an addition to our newly acquired 44 w/o, La Nostra, is not in the near term cards ... limited $$$ going to more presing projects. Best of luck to you ... Harry & Bella Rezzemini La Nostra, W/O #23

9:21:47 PM

Hey guys I know that it will take a long time for you guys to see this but I am gonna write in your log. Ha! It's Sammo ha! Ah almost 17 here. Wow I feel bad for the world. So safe sailing and see you one day. Love Sammo

10:10:19 AM

we truly hope you two are out there sailing and having too much fun!!!!!!!Rick&Kathia "ARRAKIS"

4:52:02 AM

AUROCHS -- Hi Craig and Sarah from Tom and Jane. We're back from the Bahamas but still in Florida. Will fly home tomorrow, 27 April.

8:14:19 AM

3/22/01 0830

Craig and Sarah, Good luck in your new phase of life and endeavors. I am sure Panama is losing two of the best individuals to have ever resided there. It's always a pleasure to receive up dated info. With the web page I can now see what escapades you and Sarah are up to. Fair Seas. Mike Welsh, Limerick, Maine

5:09:21 PM

"Memory Rose", CSY 44' Pilothouse Ketch, #2 Ron Sheridan and Dorothy Knight Glad to have had the opportunity to touch bases with you Craig. LOVE that Scoop Stern on Pogo and your inputs on the list. Stay well, Ron

9:18:56 PM

Best wishes upon the ocean journies that are now in your immediate future. The old "saw" says it best; May you have fair following winds and seas, and your sunsets be peaceful with a well set anchor. We reall hope to be seeing you soon one day when we pull into the same harbour.

Much love from us all on the Phat Duck. Kris & Anne & Adrian 28/II/01

7:24:23 AM

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